Self Drive Holidays

All you need is a drivers license and a sense of adventure

Adventure awaits!

There is no doubt that a self-drive holiday around Australia, United States, Canada, Europe and New Zealand allows you to see there vast beauty of ever changing countryside, bustling cities, quaint little towns submerged in history and back roads leading to new flavors and delights. So much to see and do when you do a self-drive holiday. 

At Self Drive Holidays we are passionate travelers. We have Motor-homed in the Canadian Rockies, holidayed by car in New Zealand, Australia the United states and through out Europe. 

We are NOT just a car hire booking company. We will go the extra mile to help you to organize a self-drive holiday of a lifetime. 

Specializing in;

* Car Hire 

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* RV / Motorhome Hire

* Self-drive Tips and Information 

* Self-drive Holiday Itinerary Assistance

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