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Car Lease Tips

Things to remember with a Europe Car Lease :

• Cars have about 15 litres of fuel when you collect them. Neither do you need to return

the car with much fuel (unlike a rental). You will be directed to the nearest fuel depot by

the car pickup agent.

• Tyres are your responsibility. If you get a puncture there is a puncture repair kit in the

car. It costs about 25 Euros to have a puncture repaired by a garage in Europe. Some

models no longer have spare wheels. Phone the company’s Roadside Assistance

number if you need assistance. Check the kit before departure from the collection depot

and if the car has a spare tyre.

• Your arrival flight is monitored. If it is running late, the welcome agent will know about it.

If you are not arriving via a flight, please phone the depot three days before to confirm the

appointment time. Follow their instructions for how to get there.

• It is very important to let them know what time of the day you will be returning the car.

Please phone ahead to the return depot at least 4 working days prior to make an


• SAFETY. We suggest you lock all doors when travelling through heavy traffic, especially

in city areas. Never leave any valuables in the car, make sure they are locked away out

of sight and always take your bag with passport, tickets etc with you when leaving the


• There is no reimbursement for engine trouble caused by filling the car’s fuel tank with the

wrong type of fuel. Please ask at the fuel depot if you are unsure.

• You will be charged for lost keys.

• International driving permit. These can be obtained from the RAC, NRMA, etc you will

need a passport photo to apply. You will need to carry this also with your driver’s licence

to collect the car. Please pack both with you for ALL drivers. Compulsory for Italy.

• Safe driving practices. Wet weather driving. Try wearing your sunglasses when the rain

is heavy. Do not use your cruise control when it is wet for better car control. If travelling

in winter chains may be required for certain areas.

• Be prepared for Tolls in various countries if taking the autostrades/autobahns/autoroutes.

Some must be paid by coin, some accept credit cards or cash, so be prepared. Don’t

forget to keep in the slow lane (right hand side) except when overtaking. In Germany the

autobahn doesn’t have speed limits. In Switzerland and Austria motorists must purchase

a Vignette. This is a compulsory pass/sticker which you must fix to the window and can

be purchased at the border at fuel depots.

• Fuel depots/rest spots and restaurants are located along the autoroutes and offer an

excellent choice of food and facilities. In small towns and villages fuel depots are quite

often closed on Sundays, so make sure you have enough fuel if travelling any distance

on the weekend.

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