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Peugeot Car Leasing Customer Assistance Guide

Before your trip - Visit and read/print your English version of the vehicle Owner’s Manual, the Ready to Set Off Guide and GPS operational manual. Also listed is the up-to-date information and maps for your delivery/collection location.

Lease Forms - Please ensure your completed, original lease forms have been returned to the Peugeot Reservations Department at DriveAway a minimum of 8 weeks prior to collection. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding these forms.

Collecting your car - Please be advised that collection of your vehicle is a meet and greet service and must be arranged by appointment. Your Peugeot confirmation number and surname must be advised when arranging this appointment. This confirmation number can be found in the confirmation field on your invoice/voucher. Please confirm exact time of pick up/flight arrival at time of booking. Please refer to your voucher for the address/location of the Peugeot depot or representative. For collections at Airports the Peugeot representative will wait for no more than 30 minutes beyond the scheduled arrival time. If your details change after departing Australia please be sure to contact the delivery centre advising any changes.

You are required to present your Passport, Lease Voucher and Drivers licence upon collection of the vehicle. International Driving Licences are compulsory in many countries. Please refer to your local motoring association for details.

Upon Collection - Be sure you read the Peugeot Travel Book provided with your vehicle as soon as possible. The comprehensive guide is designed to help you make the most of your European trip in your Peugeot vehicle. This guide will also be provided, in English with your voucher for your convenience.

• Your Brand New Peugeot will be delivered with between 10-15 litres of fuel. You are not required to return the vehicle full and there are no charges in doing this. • All Peugeot models are left hand drive vehicles including cars collected in London • Only certain vehicles come with a spare tyre most vehicles come with a repair kit only. • All vehicles are fitted with standard tyres prior to leaving the Peugeot factory. Standard tyres are not suitable for all winter conditions and during certain periods of the year. It is the client’s responsibility to purchase the appropriate 'winter tyres' whilst overseas and have them fitted and removed at an authorised Peugeot Dealer.

Your Peugeot Open Europe Contract enables you to drive in to the following European countries, islands and principalities and be covered by your insurance and for assistance: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus (Greek Territory only)~, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Metropolitan France (including Corsica), Germany, Gibraltar, Greece (excludes Crete and Greek Islands), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal (including Azores and Madeira), Romania, San Marino, Serbia*, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including Balearic and Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, the Vatican, United Kingdom. ~The cover of insurance provided for Cyprus is limited to the geographical parts of Cyprus which are under control of the government of the Republic of Cyprus. *The cover of insurance provided for Serbia is limited to the Republic of Montenegro and the geographical parts of Serbia which are under control of the government of the Republic of Serbia.

Travel is not permitted into the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Belarus, Israel, Iran, Kosovo, Moldova, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the Greek Islands. Travel to these countries is at the lessees risk and is not covered by the Peugeot insurance or Peugeot assistance.

Breakdown or Accident Assistance - Please be sure to read about your Peugeot Assistance cover in the Peugeot Travel Book (supplied in your vehicle and with your voucher). In the event that you have an accident or breakdown you must contact the Peugeot Assistance service and follow their instructions. Please refer to a summary of your obligations on the lease documents. You can also view the full Peugeot Travel Book shown on our website prior to signing your lease documents.

Returning your car - Please call the drop off location at least 4 business days prior to drop off to organise an appointment to return your car. Please phone on working days, excluding weekends and public. The vehicle must be returned to your elected return centre. Please refer to the Peugeot Travel Book for permitted changes and conditions.

Child Seats - In Europe, the use of a restraint system, adapted to size and weight is mandatory for children under the age of 10. You will need to order and pay for a seat with Peugeot prior to departure. This child seat is yours to keep at the end of the lease. Please contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my friend or relative collect the vehicle for me?

A. No. The vehicle can only be delivered to the registered driver or to his/her spouse or partner. In this second case, the spouse or partner must show the original (and not a photocopy) of a proxy form completed and signed in their name by the registered driver (contract holder). This proxy form must include the phrase: “I authorise my spouse/partner [insert name] to take delivery of and drive my vehicle.” A photocopy of the contract holder's passport is also required.

Q. Can I have additional drivers and is there a fee?

A. Yes, you are able to have additional drivers and there is no additional fee, however there are very strict restrictions as follows. - Immediate family members may drive the vehicle, however under no circumstance can they take the vehicle across any borders. - Immediate family members are spouse/partner, direct descendants and ascendants of the registered driver. - The term ‘spouse’ is understood in the broadest sense and may apply to a cohabiting partner or civil partner, provided that proof of this relation is provided. - All additional drivers must comply with all requirements of the lease.

Q. What happens if my vehicle is stolen or I have an accident?

A. Detailed information is available in the Peugeot Travel Book which is supplied in your vehicle, with your voucher as well as listed on, however it is relatively simple. You need to follow the same procedure as you would at home. Contact the police and fill out an accident report form. You must contact the Peugeot Customer Assistance team as soon as possible and follow their instructions. Keep any documents relating to the accident and fax the document to Peugeot Assistance. In the event of your vehicle being stolen once you have notified Peugeot, the promissory note amount will not be invoked.

Q. If I have to return earlier for any reason, can I do this, and am I entitled to a refund?

A. Yes, please make sure you contact the Peugeot Representative at least 4 working days before the expiration of the contract to organise the return. Please Note: There are no refunds for early return of your vehicle. We strongly suggest you purchase suitable travel insurance prior to departing your country of origin.

Q. Can I get winter tyres fitted on my Peugeot vehicle?

A. All vehicles are fitted with standard tyres prior to leaving the Peugeot Sodexa factory. Standard tyres not are suitable for winter conditions. Certain countries would require by law, all vehicles to be fitted with Winter Tyres or equivalent Mud & Snow Tyres to travel during the winter period, November to April. Peugeot Open Europe does not lease or sell 'winter tyres'. If the client wishes to have winter tyres, it’s the client’s responsibility to purchase them whilst overseas and have them fitted and removed at an authorised Peugeot dealer. The vehicle needs to be returned with the original tyres fitted. Snow chains can be purchased from a service station and used (at client’s cost), however they are not suitable for highway driving. Mud & Snow Tyres with Grip Control, which meet the legal restrictions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria can be requested on certain vehicles; contact DriveAway for full details and further information.

Q. If I take my vehicle on a ferry will I be covered by insurance?

A. Yes. You are covered by full comprehensive insurance and are covered in both the UK and Ireland. Ferry crossing fees are not included in the costs; these will need to be prepaid.

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